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Petting Zoo

 / Skyview Ranch is a Unique Hands On Farm Animal Experience


Children and adults are able to touch and interact with the friendly animals.


We are also experienced with special needs kids and adults!


A petting zoo is a FUN addition to any get together including birthday parties, reunions, charity events, fall festivals, live nativities, etc.  We also offer educational opportunities for day care centers, schools, summer camps, field trips, etc.


We are experienced and set up for special needs.


We are USDA Licensed, Inspected and fully insured.


Petting Zoo at Skyview Ranch (by appointment only!)


$75 for the first hour

$45 for each additional hour


$5 per person



You must have one chaperone per six children

We have a Picnic area, Handicap Restroom and Parking



Mobile Petting Zoo (We bring our critters to your location)


$525 for the first 2 hours with-in Dakota County

$800 for the first 2 hours if you are beyond Dakota County

$225 per hour for additional hours with-in Dakota County

$325 per hour additional hours if you are beyond Dakota County


Additional fees may apply!

 $75 set up fee if we need to transport animals and equiptment

 $75 set up fee on pavement

  $4 per mile from Farmington to your location


Minimum 2 hour visit 

Plus Tax

Please contact us for an estimate!



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